What to do with your prom dress after the prom


Prom can be one of the most important social events for any child leaving high school as it could be the last time they see most of their friends. It is also a really important event for them as this is their way of knowing that they aren't a child know more and it is time to face the real world. For any girl going to prom the dress is one of the most, if not the most important aspect to get right to ensure their prom is unforgettable. Every girl wants the chance to be a princess for the night going to a formal dinner then dance with their prince charming so lots of money can be spent on selecting the right and cheap prom dresses. However, some parents may be reluctant as they may think their child will only wear it once and it isn't worth the money. Many things can be done with the dress after prom though.

One of these ways is to wear it again. A prom dress isn't like any wedding dress as you only wear that once. A prom dress can be worn again for a number of events or occassions. It can be worn for a party, a wedding reception, a summer ball or even a night out. This solution ensures that you are getting your moneys worth out of blue prom dresses that has many memorable moments linked to it and many more can be created if it is worn again. However, some may not want to wear the dress again as they have been seen in it already so these other options might be more useful.

Selling the dress is what is most common for after the prom. I believe that this is a good thing to do as you are making money from what you have finished with and might not want to wear again. However, selling the dress could see less money being made from it as it is seen as second hand as it has been worn by somebody else before they purchase it. Make sure you advertise that you are selling the dress over a number of sites and newspapers to ensure the dress is sold for the highest price possible. Be aware that you may not sell it for the original price that you bought it for.

If you are feeling very generous then you could donate the red prom dress to somebody less fortunate than yourself. This will benefit you as you are helping somebody out which will make you feel better about giving your dress away, as it can be seen as some sort of good deed. It is an easy option to do with your prom dress as somebody will be very grateful for the donation that is given to them. Also if you give the prom dress to a charity store then you know that if somebody buys the dress then the money that is made from selling it goes to that charity which is helping out more people.

Another option is to do nothing and just to keep the dress. This is a simple option and can benefit you in the long run as you may realise that you would like to wear the dress for a special occassion. Keeping the short prom dress is also a great option as your child can show it to their children which could then be some sort of family tradition as it is passed through the generations.

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